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Don’t Miss Phuket Old Town

The beaches of Phuket are famous for good reason, but the old town is also worth exploring, says Conversant Traveller – there’s bags of charm, streets lined with Sino-Portuguese houses and plenty of galleries, boutiques and bars. Don’t miss the Blue Elephant Cookery School, which has architecture based on the art of feng-shui.

Go Caving in Krabi

recommends heading to Krabi to explore the beaches and caves – this is best done in the off-season, as the weather is still beautiful in MAy, but it’s much less crowded. The question is, what would you do if you were in an unmarked cave and came across two strangers dressed as doctors? Follow them… or run?

Visit the Cave Temples

the cave temples in Southern Thailand. The practice of excavating caves to create temples originated in India several centuries ago and spread across Asia as far as China. They were often established in sites of outstanding natural beauty by passing monks who stopped for worship or meditation, and they would house monks and nuns.

Don’t Ride Elephants in Khao Sok

If you love elephants but aren’t so keen on the idea of tourists riding them – then this is the place for you.Here, tourists can interact with elephants who are cared for in this region, in more human ways – like washing them, feeding or bathing with them, in the tropical rainforest.

Thailand is known as the “land of smiles” and it’s certainly true that it offers a hospitality you won’t find in many places! But there’s much more to Thailand than friendly people.

One of the lesser known destinations in Thailand, the Khao Yai Nature Park is set deep in the forests North of Bangkok. The area is a designated World Heritage Site, and home to lots of native species, including bears, birds and primates.

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